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How Long Day Care Can Help Boost Your Child's Creativity

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Creativity is a crucial skill for children to learn. This article explains the different ways in which a child care centre can help to boost your three-year-old's creativity. Read on to discover more.

Visual creativity

Visual creativity is the ability to create or produce something visually, such as paintings, drawings or collages. Although it is viewed as a free expression of one's thoughts and feelings through painting or drawing, it is not just that. Visual creativity encompasses many different elements, including colours, lines and forms used to create the visual piece. Your child can learn to bring these elements together in a controlled and guided way. Staff at a long day care centre can support your child to explore the use of crayons, paints and other media.

Making music

Music can play an integral part in the life of your child, and it has excellent health benefits. It reduces stress levels and can help to improve mood. Some types of music are designed to help infants with visual creativity, such as rhythm instruments like tambourines, drums and bells, which encourage the use of both hands. In addition, music education helps develop a child's language skills by encouraging them to vocalise their thoughts and feelings in a fun way unrelated to academic skills. Music education also promotes a healthy lifestyle and enhances motor development.


When talking about dance, many people automatically think of ballet or something similar with more formal rules and expectations. However, dance can be very informal; any activity involving moving to music is considered dance. Dance encourages your child's creativity by allowing them to use their entire body as an instrument. Doing so enhances their motor skills and the whole process of learning about space, time and movement.


Roleplay is an activity that takes place in a pretend world where children can be whoever or whatever they want to be. It encourages the development of imagination, nurturing self-expression and self-confidence. In addition, allowing your child to be creative through roleplay helps them with problem-solving skills and emotions, which are very important for their growth. 

This is just a sneak peek into some of how child care centres can help boost your child's creativity. If you would like to find out more, you should contact a local child care centre that offers 3-year-old long day care. A staff member will be happy to discuss how they can help your child develop and grow using creative activities.