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Top Tips When Choosing an Early Learning Centre

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Taking your child to an early learning centre is the best way to prepare him or her for formal learning. At the centre, your child will learn how to be independent since he or she is no longer in your care. Besides, the staff at the institution will help your child grow his or her communication, creativity, problem-solving and analytical skills.

So, what considerations should you make when choosing an early learning centre? Below are a few tips. 


Ask fellow parents to recommend reputable institutions in your locality. Alternatively, you could conduct online research to determine the reputation of various centres in your area. A single negative review should not be a cause for concern. However, you may want to avoid institutions renown for poor childcare or unhygienic facilities.

State of Amenities

Take a tour around the facility. Below are some of the things to look out for: 

  • The kitchen should be clean. Besides, it should serve high-quality foods required for the child's development.
  • The facility should be safe. Slippery floors, for instance, could expose children to accidents. The stairs should not be steep and should have rails.
  • The washrooms should be spotlessly clean. They should have lowly placed hand washing stations to encourage children to wash their hands.
  • The centre should have adequate playing equipment. Children may injure themselves as they fight over toys. 

Staff Qualifications 

Staff at the facility should be qualified and skilled professionals. Ask about their credentials. Postgraduate courses, professional awards and accreditations are an added advantage. Inquire about the centre's staff retention since children enjoy the attention of one caregiver.

The institution should also have a qualified nurse to treat ill or injured children. Alternatively, they should have contacts for an emergency nurse. Further, some of the staff should be skilled first aiders. 

The Centre's Policy

The institution's policy should align with your personal beliefs. For instance, inquire how staff respond to indiscipline among the children. How do they prevent bullying among the kids? What is their policy regarding TV and sleep? These will help you evaluate how your child will be raised. Some centres may be affiliated with religious organisations. They are a perfect choice if you would want your child raised according to your religious beliefs. 

The centre should be reasonably priced. However, do not choose a cheap centre that provides poor quality services. 

Choosing an early learning centre for your child should not be difficult with the above tips. Choose a reputable institution with qualified employees, adequate amenities and reasonable policies.